Hyderabad International Convention Centre strives to create a safe and secure environment for every event we host, and features a highly competent security system in order to offer the best event experience to all its guests.

Our 24-hour general building security is augmented with both cameras and alarm systems. HICC has 32 fire exits and is equipped with the latest technology in smoke detectors, fire alarm systems and sprinkler systems. CCTVs monitors the entire area. In addition, there are fully trained fire fighters as part of Emergency Response Team.

Our Security and Fire Safety Department is responsible for the daily security and fire safety management of the Centre. Besides managing access to the facilities, crowd and vehicles traffic control, crime and fire prevention, our officers are also trained to deal with all types of emergencies, such as fire fighting, bomb threat, first aid and full-scale evacuation.

We have recently upgraded our security with the Omnipolis system which can be activated to alert the control room on one button to help us in case of fire emergency, bomb threat, medical emergency or terrorist threat.

Always on hand to give professional advice on Security and Fire Safety issues to our clients, our officers provide 24 hours security coverage. An on-site representative is available through our Event Manager to assist you in security planning for your event.